Sunday, November 1, 2009

halloween 09

yesterday was halloween. very nice night. my sisters came over with there kids. the older two werent dressed up and they didnt trick or treat there to old for it cuse ones 14 the other is 12. the 6 year old was dressed as a ninja and the baby which is my other sisters daughter was dressed as sunshine bear. she was not very sun shiny. abi the 6 year old aprently had walked around her apartments and gotten two big backs full of candy. she was happy. her mom is probably gonna have all three kids share the candy. so we saw a kid dressed up as Michael Jackson. he didnt come to our door but it looked like that was who he was dressed up as. he has one glove on that i could see and a white outfit that looked all reinstony. that made me think M.J .the news people said M.j and Farah fausit costumes were the ones who sold the best this year. our dog totaly flipped out though cuse she would bark like crazy at everyone who came to the door. we had to watch her. all and all it was a good day. i hope everyone else had nice halloweens if they celebrate it


  1. Happy Boo-Day to you, too!

    Michael Jackson? And he wouldn't come out of the house?? Yeah, that sounds about right!

  2. no he wouldnt come to the door he was just walking and the kids he was with were all going to the doors but he wouldnt he stood there pouting with his mom i guess she was