Thursday, October 29, 2009

ok yesterday now that im calm

yesterday my friend who is also friends with my fiance told me my fiance has sold drugs in the past my fiance said hes never had anything to do with drugs before when i had asked him a differnt time. hes liveing with drug dealers so i had to ask. so i got mad he and i got in a fight and he got mad cuse his friend told me. hes like ill never talk to the asshole again. and im like oh dont do that cuse of me. see theyve been friends a while and through this guy i found out my fiance has 6 kids which he had told me he had none at one time. i dont know why he has no rights to them but he doesnt. he has supervised visitations but thats anyway we came close to breaking up he did some wiccan spell then that made me feel woozy and light headed. he told me my ring he sent is enchanted to send it back or that feeling would stay. we argued more i said i dont want us to break up i just want us to have honesty with each other and no hideing stuff. he was like your sure thats what you want. im like yeah. he said some new stuff i felt better so he had taken whatever wiccan spell away. i was like dont ever put a spell on me again. he said sorry it was white magic trying to break our bond so i could go free. i was all upset and like dont do no more spells on me. well he said he wouldnt he was sorry. so then i tried to get him to talk to his friend he was like hell no. he refused he signed off when i tried to get him to. so yeah last night was one hell of a night and cuse of last night i belive in wiccan. and yes he has six kids. and yes im being as safe as i can. and yes we will work on this stuff. i love him in the end

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