Sunday, November 8, 2009


my fiance and i broke up. he got mad at me for some stupid mass message thing that wasnt even supposed to go to him but it went to everyone on my list. it was supposed to go to a few people that were upsetting me. they are ignoring me and stuff you know.anyway he got all pissed and broke up with me.i explained things but then when he sai yeah sorry lets start over i was like what the fuck man you dump me again over the littlest thing. well i told him if he doesnt want to be with me then leave. he said bye we could be just friends. i flipped a lid there. told him how i loved him and how i was just gonna shut down nw and that we shouldnt be friends i cant do that. i signed out fr a good while when i came back he was gone so i mass messaged my friends and told them to expect a differnt me a angrey bitter me. a non kind non loveing me. well it must of got to him to cuse when he signed on he insisted on talking to me. i didnt want to. he told me he loved me he just didnt want me to wait years for him. wheich thats what it could take years o be with him. and im like ill wait years i love you. hes like im sorry i dont want to go i love you. so we got back together this morning we talked and i made sure he was staying cuse he wanted to not cuse i freaked out on him. he says hes staying cuse he loves me. oh yeah we are only online right now i know thats weird but we will be together in the end

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  1. Aw. Well, I'm glad you two have worked things out. I hope your relationship is even stronger now that you've been through a major fight and come out the other side.