Saturday, November 7, 2009

11/6/09 ghost adventures live

on travel channel. did anyone see it? the ghost threw a rock at first a the guy and it didnt hit him. later when you could see it was no one the coat hanger came and hit him and stabbed him in the chest and made him bleed. the coat hanger came from around a corner straight into the door he was comeing out. no one moved it. and you couldn't hear it comeing cuse it was off the ground. man that was one pissed off ghost. they were in some sort of home that they kept them mentaly ill in. i dont know i didnt pay much attention to what they said about it. all i know is that ghost was pissed off. i dont know if it intended to kill him or what but my god that was mean. did anyone see this last night? do any any of you belive in ghosts? ever had an encounter with them? i belive in ghosts. i been to the lemp mansion in st louis missouri. i heard and saw a few things. saw a guy in white and saw some stupid cat and had someone tugging my hair and noone was there to tug my i belive in them. they are freaky. so does anyone else belive? tell me why.

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