Tuesday, October 27, 2009

i added this cool fact to my cool facts blog

“America was founded on Christianity.”
Not sure how many people actually know this, but it wasn't. Since the official creation of America's government, there has been no exclusive religion of the United States of America. The constitution explicitly excludes the inclusion of any laws or specific religious designation for the country.In fact, most of the founding fathers weren't Christians. For the majority, they were Deists, meaning that they believed there was probably a creator out there, but it has no real relevance or intervention in our lives.others of them were freemasons i dont know what they belive in but it is not a christian religion“But what about the whole 'In God We Trust' thing on our money?”That came out in the Civil War due to Christianity becoming the big “thing” at the time. It wasn't made the motto of the US until the Cold War.The Treaty of Tripoli even states in extremely clear writing, the following: “. . . the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion . . .” so america was not based on christianity

yeah i have other cool facts on my cool facts blog as well. so you might want to check it out. my profile gives the link.i only put this up so that those who go on my blog and want to push christianity and want to state that america was founded by christians they will relize it was not. in fact bejerman franklin was a freemason

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