Wednesday, October 14, 2009

october 14 2009

i undated my webpage with new pictures, new jokes, and new suggestions on books. /snoble

come check it out. ok i want to know of some good blogs you guys have joined. some that might show art or are like journals/diary's some that have just different random thoughts like they talk about some movies and what they thought or they make jokes at different things, or they say things that make a lot of sense. those type things. i really want to have lots of blogs i follow i love blogging I'm obsessed with following and writing in them. so if you know of any good ones like that that you are a follower of do tell me about them. that includes you bloggers who dont follow my blog publicly or just have me on favorites and dont follow my blog id like you to tell me of some blogs on blog spot you like

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  1. Sweetie, the best thing I can suggest is that if you find a blog you like, look on their sidebar and see who THEY read...they'll have the same taste.

    Also, look at It's broken down by subject and there's thousands to choose from!