Wednesday, October 14, 2009

october 14th 2009

ok i hate when Christians try and push there religion on people. i know they believe in it but they dont have to push others to.any religion should not push others on it. i mean it is ok to believe what you want to me. i just dont like people trying to push me into believing what they believe. they try to frighten me into beliving it which just isn't gonna work. when you tell them to drop it they push harder. you know if they did this in real life and not online tome id punch there lights sure other people would do the same thing. i mean they need to shut up and drop it when people say there not intrested instead of pushing harder. they can belive it all they want but they dont have to press the issue for another person to belive in it. any religion that does that needs to shut the fuck up and let people live as they will live

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  1. You know, it's said that the worst thing for Christianity is a Christian. (You know the kind, obviously.) I am a Christian and I choose to try to live the teachings and example of Christ: LOVE, love the unlovely, answer questions when asked, and be the example. (I fail miserably at these most times, but I keep trying.) Sorry you had a bad experience.