Sunday, September 27, 2009

iv been showed again life aint always that bad

i had a friend who used to always tell me that. he said i dont have it that bad. i sometimes forget what he told me. i met this person and they seems to be haveing a tougher life than i am. so all i can say is life gets bette its not all that bad. your not as bad off as other people are theres always someone with it worse than you in other ways. so live life be happy

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  1. OH you are soo right. Saw your post on another blog that I follow and thougt I would come on over and check you out. I like what I see. I have done this "Hey it could be worse" thing for awhile. There is always someone else out there that has got things worse than me. I swear some people just complain to much and do nothing about it. So just like you said.. Live life and be Happy!! :)