Saturday, December 4, 2010


the daughter of my friend and neighbor linda or as i called her nina had a memorial for her.she gave a nutcracker to each person who were very special to nina.these nutcrackers had all been some from the vast collection of them she had.the one i took is very cute and it will always remind me of her.nina had so many nut crackers she couldnt hardly set all out. some she put out at other times of the year than just christmas. why you ask becuase the way they were they worked for differnt times of the year. like she has a uncle sam one she put out for the fourth and she had one with bunny ears she had out for easter.she also had a few that were dressed to look scary that she would have out for halloween. i must say that woman probably had more of those than we know of. her daughter will probably find more of the suckers packed up in the house somewhere.she will probably also find nina's mouse not the real thing or anything.she just had knickknack mice all some were put out cuse they were parts of a mouse christmas village.she also had one giant mouse cover that covered her vacuum cleaner.she had alot of those mice things all over her house.i know she used to switch them around all the time.that one day shed have others out that she said shed had a while and of corse she did the christmas village her daughter is probably gonna find a bunch of those mice things packed up that she didnt even know nina had.that woman had so much of certain things that she had to switch them out alot.she loved to shop and the things she collected she always had a bunch of.i will miss her so much. rest in peace nina you will always be loved

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