Friday, December 10, 2010


i went to my doctors visit today. all is doing well there. she is going to be leaveing january 1rst. so ill end up with a new doctor when the doctor is found to go in. i had a shocker today. i was at walmart with dad. we were standing in the checkout line. someone i had not seen in years was standing in front of us. his name is michael i dont really remember his last name. its eather scammen or scags. anyhow i had not seen him in years. he and i used to go to school together. we were in speacial ed class together. last time i saw him he was here with a little girl trick or treating. the little girl was around abi's age and at the time abi was 1. she is 7 now. we had talked for a breif time then. we talked for a breif time while waiting in line today. not much said really. just how you been you still liveing around here. you know that kinda stuff. still was a total shock to meet up with someone i had not seen in years.i tell you the past tends to find you in the oddest places at the oddest times.

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