Monday, July 5, 2010


well my independance day last night was eldist sister and her three kids came over.we did some day time fireworks we had leftover from last year.yeah we had bought a lot last year and then some of the people we invited over bought a yeah we had a bunch of day time stuff left over.after we did some of the fireworks we ate homemade ice cream.that was so was banana flavor with chunks of bananas in it.after that we did the rest of the day time fireworks then we sat and talked a long while.then my sister and the kids and me went up to the movie theator and sat in the field next to it.there were many people there becuase right acroos the highway on the other service road is where the town does there fireworks.there were a bunch of people there and the building next to us as well.the fireworks the town did were great.they were better than they had been the past few they lasted longer than they have the past few years.this must of lasted 30 minutes while in the past few years it only lasted close to yeah it was nice. it took a bit of time to get out of the movie theators parking lot to get me back home though not to long.we didnt think our town would do the fireworks this year.see last year they had said it would be the last year theyd do when it was in the paper they were doing it this year every body was excited and anyway independance day went well here.i hope it went for all of you.

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