Friday, July 2, 2010


couple days ago my mom and my eldist sisters kids and i went to loan elk park and world bird santuary.we drove around loan elk park and saw some elk then we saw some bison in there areas wondering around and we also saw some wild was nice to see all those animals just walking around there wooded park and eating and all that.we had a picnic in the designated areas that you can while we were there.then we head to world bird santuary.this place has alot of birds.they try and rehabilitate these birds and set them free again.if they can not cuse the bird is to bad injured but can survive but not in the wild then they keep them and send some to zoos and places like that or theyll keep them at there park where people can see them.they have a bunch of bald eagles there.they have some other type eagles and hawks of all differnt kinds and they have some pelicans from the gulf.yeah they got two out to be seen that came from the gulf. they look like they are doing ok.i heard they have two more but they are very sick and in the bird they didnt think was going to make it when they got them.i havent heard anything about those two since.i was excited to see the two of them that came from the gulf.they had taken good care of them.they had two other pelicans but they had been there for years.they were white pelicans.the ones from the gulf were brown.thats there natural color of there species they very happy they have a new home and are well taken care of.theyll probably be set free once the oil is all cleaned up.well it was a good day anyway

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