Thursday, June 24, 2010


remember me telling you all about my nephew haveing appendicitis and haveing his appendix removed the beginning of this year.well hes in the hospital again for a totally different thing.he fell playing touch football and broke the growth bone in his wrist.yeah he had to go to the hospital in the city because our hospital said they couldn't set it.i don't know if that means its so bad he needs surgery on it or if its because they don't have that type of doctor sister drove him up to the childrens hospital in the city.they will do whatever is needed to be done.for now we have the girls here.the youngest is here right now.we picked her up from summer school and she just finished her dinner.she is now watching cartoons.we will be taking her to her ball game later tonight.the oldest girl is at the fair. we have a fair every year and she is at the fair with her boyfriend and a friend since her mom wont let her go out on dates till shes 16.she should be back here at 9 pm.we have her cell phone number so we can call her and be like why aren't you back yet if she isn't at that time.i told my parents the girls could take my room and id sleep in the living room.i wanna do that because i stay up late at night and they have to get up early for summer school.if i were to be up late they'd not be able to sleep if they slept in the living wont hurt me to get up earlier in the morning then i normally do.i can always lay back down later in the day if i need to.i can do that becuase i dont work.anyhow thats all thats up in my world recently.i hop to hear from you guys when you read my blog posts.i like getting comments.anyway will write next time anything happens in my world worth writeing about bye all

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