Friday, December 11, 2009


so im happy for a few reasons. one i bought a coat that was worth over 60 u.s dollars for 18 dollars at a consignment store. it was in brand new condition and it fits me wonderfuly.see i had gone to take some clothes there to try and sell them. they have put them in there for sale. i hope they sell. while i was there i looked around and i found it and i needed a new one so im happy. im also happy with myself cuse iv been doing more crafty things getting ready for a craft sale in april in our town that i want to be in. so im making my crafty things.
in other news has anyone see the commercials for the new Sherlock Holmes movie? yeah so i did a survey about the comercials and i had to choose from about 4 to see which one i liked best. then i had to tell them why i liked it and what if anything i disliked about it. i was also asked what id remove from it. anyway i saw the commercial on tv and its the exact one i chose with the exact ideas except for one thing. that scene where hes handcuffed or tied to a bed nude and he says dont worry madam im a professional i wanted that removed but they kept it in there.besides that it was exactly as i said id like it to be. i know that means other people asked for the same things but i think its so cool that some of my ideas were used in something. this is why i do surveys all the time. so my opinion gets out there.the fact that some of the companies actually use some of them is amazing to i have been very happy this week and those are the reasons why. WISHING ALL A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR AS LONG AS HAPPY OTHER HOLIDAYS AROUND NOW.

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