Friday, November 27, 2009


it is black friday and the stoes are crazy with people. all the sales and people going nuts about them.i didnt go early this morning to it but iv gone at 10 am to it all. i heard from my sisters and mom and dad it was a mad house no room to move and people shoving you. this was my parents first time black friday early morning shopping both my sisters have done it before. for those of you who do it every year damn your brave but also crazy.i hope you my readers are not the rude people who push and shove and steal things from carts and buy alot of one itom so you can sell them. there are to many people who do that and i hate those people its rude they need to quit it.its no wonder fights break out in the store and in my oppinion those people who do the pushing and shoving are the ones who need the shit beat out of them maybe a little time in icu will teach them not to do that but anyway we shopped and it was a mad house at 10 am still. i think people need to buy there stuff earlyer in the year not wait till its almost christmas. me i shop throughout the year and if im not done by october thats when i do my shopping alot. thanks to survey companies im on and getting 5 to 10 dollars a month or more from them i can save my money up and buy stuff for christmas. im only on ssi and all that money goes into bills and stuff i need.ok so about 30 dollars a month dosent go to that but yeah 30 dollars a month isnt much to do shit with cuse what if you want something kinda deal.when i move to my own place ill have no extra money to spend im sure of it. plus ill be on foodstamps and that service you sign up every year that helps pay ether heating or cooling only for the one time of heating or cooling do they do it. you got to choose when you do that. im gonna be on both foodstamps and that thing once a year i know it .plus ill probably go to food pantries once a month and stock up on food.for a single person foodstamps dont give alot.well this is my journal entry today so random i know well take care all

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