Monday, November 23, 2009


i fixed my cool facts blog no more switching to another blog. i think it was that share icon i had on my blog cuse when i removed that it stopped.if you have that share ting on your blogs you might want to take it off.well last night my sister and i baked cookies for our winter bakeing tradition. it used to be mom we baked with when we were kids now its her and me who bake a few times every winter.its a little family tradition we do. honor and i always bake together or honor comes over if mom wants to bake and we do it together.the bakeing tradition started up when i was little. mom used to bake alot every winter.then when we got older and honor moved out we made a tradition of it she would come over wed all bake now mom hardly makes so honor and i do it. when honor moved to california it was mom and i who keot the tradition although honor said she baked every winter. so now honors back and its her and i who do the bakeing every year.its fun and its a great tradition to do


  1. What a lovely tradition! What do you bake? cookies, or harder things??

  2. we bake cookies and pies and we make fudge and we make cakes