Wednesday, November 11, 2009


i went out and watched this is it today . oh my gosh it was great. he really was gonna make some great concerts. oh my god you should seen what he looked like though. he was so skiny and he just looked like a ugly old woman with a five o clock shadow. he wore some ugly oragne pants. my lord i dont recomend anyone wear orange pants. those were just hideous on him as they would be on anyone.the movie rocked though. it touched me how dedicated he was to his concert and the entertainment he gave people.the way he danced oh lord he was a hell of a dancer. he must of been planning to remake some of his songs music videos cuse they had things that were videos to his songs but they were all differnt. i guess that may of been just for the concert but i dont know. still what a movie. he sure was a great entertainer.i hope this comes out on dvd its a must have for not that huge a michael jackson fan dont get me wrong. i didnt flip a lid when he died. i was shocked cuse he was a little younger than my mother. and thats just to young to die. so when he died i was shocked. iv heard everyone of his songs. very very good. i just you know wasnt all that oh my god crazy about him. i know i wont collect michael jackson things. i just want that video to remind me what a great entertainer he was.

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