Thursday, September 10, 2009

september 10th

bought a new computer a couple weeks ago. i love it. i went shopping today and bought a shirt and two pairs of pants. see i cleaned out my winter clothes from last year to see what will fit me this year. so i need at least one more pair


  1. OH don't you just love to try on your old cloths from last season!! I am in the middle of that too myself. I do not like the fact that I did gain some of my weight back and now can not fit into a few things but that is ok.. Maybe the pounds will melt off again. I hate when my son doesn't do this, but hey he is a typical teenager and will come to me on the coldest day of the year and say.."I need a coat."!!!

  2. my dad is someone im jelous of on the weight thing he never puts on weight he looses it and cant put it back on hes very thin. i would love to be as thin as he is but not such luck. i put weight on so i had to go through clothes and well a bunch of clothes didnt fit right anymore