Sunday, June 28, 2009


the fourth of july is comeing. whose gonna watch family is haveing a huge get together at my parents house. we gonna watch fireworks eat food which everyone is makeing and bringing something. me i bought some of the fireworks so my parents didnt have to buy as many. i bought mostly the dinky ones for daylight. oh god i hate people who use celphones constintly. i dont own one and dont plan on getting one. but my reason is these people have them to there ears all the time. i mean in the middle of the grocery store there jabbering about shit. and then when driveing they have the things t there ears. thats so dangerous. my sister does that with her three kids in the car. i mean what in the world is wrong with her to do that. i find cellphones only useful in case of emergencies besides that ther enot needed

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